15 Years of Marvel


How the Wu-Tang Clan Helped Resurrect Iron Man and the Avengers

ByZach Schonfeld

In return, it almost got the Wu-Tang rapper a cameo in the 2008 movie.


An Alternate History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

ByEmma Stefansky

The 15 biggest casting what-ifs and rumors in the MCU.


How the Guardians of the Galaxy Rose Up From the “Bottom of Marvel’s Toy Box”


'Iron Man' Was a Product of Its Time, In the Best and Worst Ways


The Secret History of Marvel’s First (and Most Important) Post-Credits Scene

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What if Nick Fury ordered Tony Stark to “stand down” instead? It almost happened.


Every Single Marvel Movie, Ranked

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There are 32 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Here’s where they fall.


Every Single Marvel Movie Post-Credits Scene, Ranked

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All 52 of them!

The Inverse Interview

The Guardians of the Galaxy Movies Wouldn’t Exist Without Nicole Perlman

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“I chose Guardians because I was a big sci-fi fan,” Perlman tells Inverse.


Will There Ever Be Another Hulk Movie?

ByRyan Scott

Marvel’s strongest Avenger has been relegated to supporting character status, but the reason why may surprise you.

Reel Science

The MCU’s First Smash Hit Gets One Thing Right About Nuclear Fusion

ByTara Yarlagadda

Is Iron Man's arc reactor possible in real life? Experts weigh in on the sci-fi movie's premise.


10 Years Ago, Marvel Dared to Deal with Consequences. It Never Did Again.

ByHoai-Tran Bui

Hate the Mandarin twist? You’re wrong.